LiSEC Software

Solutions for the world of glass.


Over the last 30 years LiSEC has continuously provided advanced IT solutions for the flat glass industry. Being close to our customers, LiSEC permanently integrates the specific needs of the glass production into future oriented software solutions.
LiSEC's extensive R&D is directly connected to the machine development and today LiSEC provides tailer made solutions suited to your business requirements. As LiSEC software is structured in a modular way it allows you to extend your solution whenever you deem it necessary.


LiSEC provides solutions tailored to your business requirements.
Whether it is a single machine package, complete integrated glass production lines or a multi-site solution – LiSEC is the right choice. The modular LiSEC Software concept ensures that your individual production and business solutions can increase functionality in accordance with the growth of your company.


Customized solutions solving specific challenges  with respect to production planning and control or business applications are a speciality of LiSEC. All solutions are based on modules, tested and used at various customers. In particular, LiSEC takes care that all applications are reliable, efficient and intuitive to use. 


Flexibility to integrate into your IT environment,  is a major concern of LiSEC. Thus LiSEC solutions can run on Linux as well as on Microsoft operating systems, being open to communication with various ERP systems and other typical solutions applied in the floatglass industry.